Using Easter

I was driving to work this morning and I passed a couple church buildings. The other night I drove over to the dump and passed another church building. All three of these church buildings had signs on their lawns. All those signs had this basic message “Come here on Easter Sunday.”

It is an obvious fact that people like to “go to church” on Easter. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it makes them feel good, maybe they like the tradition, maybe they are pressured by friends and/or family, maybe they think the preaching and music will be better than the rest of the year (with the exception of Christmas this is generally true), but for whatever reason, good or bad, a lot of people do it.

I don’t particularly care whether people go to church on Easter or not. I find that environment a little overwhelming and crowded, but if my family wants to go I have no problem with going. Some Christians take issue with the Easter/Christmas attenders. I think it is because those Christians have some idea that the holiday attenders are coming to fulfill some religious observation to appease their conscience or something. I’m not sure that most people actually think that way, but maybe, who knows.

The thing that I think is kinda weird is how Christians seem to use Easter to get those people into their churches even though they take issue with those people only coming once or twice a year. So it’s sorta like a lot of churches both condemn and promote the practice at the same time. I think that is weird and confusing. I’m sure many have “pure” motives figuring that people will be going to church anyway, so why not try to get them to come in and hear the gospel and maybe get saved, but the whole practice seems a lot like marketing techniques applied to the Gospel which I am not 100% comfortable with.

I have no problem with people celebrating Easter, I have no problem with people not celebrating Easter, but using the holiday to boost church attendance while opposing the practice of holiday-only church attendance seems a bit contradictory and a little disrespectful, not to the holiday, but to the Resurrection which is what is really being used and may be unintentionally cheapened by church-marketing strategies.


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5 responses to “Using Easter

  • Tyler Hess

    I don’t see the contradiction you see because I look at it from a different angle. I think that we wish they wouldn’t just come that once or twice per year, but SINCE they are coming why not use the holiday that celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to preach the Gospel in hopes that they might become part of the true church of God rather than a religious observer.

    • Dan Allen


      You make a good point and I definitely get that; the thing that concerns me is that it seems contradictory to use the religious observation to try and get across that it isn’t about the religious observation.

      I am confident that many many churches do this with good motives, I am just not completely convinced that I could get on board with it.

      I plan on sharing more about this subject in general, using things to market the Gospel, but I haven’t compiled all my thoughts just yet.



  • Tyler Hess

    all i know is that cadbury eggs should not be a once a year observation, but a year round relationship

  • Bob

    I guess I take a more cynical view. I think the whole “go to church on Easter & Christmas” thing is a hold over from paganism. Instead of going to the temple and making an offering to Zeus I go to the state-endorsed replacement. Of course in recent years the state church has fallen out of favor and is being replaced by the religion of materialism and relativism. Not sure if this is such a bad thing.
    At least it is honest.

    Some view Easter as an opportunity to proclaim Christ risen to the world and I suppose it is, if the gospel is being preached. The greater challenge is proclaiming his resurrection, not just on a special day with holy words, but everyday in gritty deeds, as Christ lives his life in us.

    On Easter we dress up and look pretty. Everybody’s happy and there is not a want or need in sight. I wonder if this does not just reinforce the idea that we christian are nothing more than hypocrites. Perhaps we are. Perhaps instead of an “Easter Service” we should have a day of confession. We should fall down and confess that we are all sinners in need of a crucified, risen savior.

    Sorry about the ramblings, I must have my Easter bonnet on too tight.

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