Other Projects

I have been working on a lot of stuff lately so I thought I would let you know about some of my projects:

  • The big project is And The Dead Shall Rise First, my zombie novel-in-progress. It is coming along well. I shared an excerpt here and have gotten some really good feedback on it that I think will help me a lot as I work on the rest.
  • Along with And The Dead Shall Rise First I have, along with Alan Knox, launched zombietheology.com, a new website which will share news and excerpts about both my book and Apostate: Life After Death in Exile, a book that Alan is working on. We also have a blog on there and a short story section. The goal is to expand and allow user’s to submit content by way of short stories, reviews, and other related material. The site has been really well received so far, and we have both been having a lot of fun with it.
  • Unrelated, but also something I have really enjoyed being part of, is christianmusiczine.com. This is a site that posts reviews and interviews of Christian musicians. They have graciously allowed me to participate there by sharing reviews on heavier music and working on some of the look and feel elements of the site (including BG, logo, and header images). I love music and webdesign so it has been really cool to get involved with this project.
  • I am continuing to share reviews of books at Reading in Southern Maine. Most reviews that I feel relate to the topics of this site I share here, the ones I don’t share are mostly horror fiction. If you are into that genre you may want to check out that blog as well. The most recent review is of Stephen King’s Cell which I posted Wednesday. I am now reading Joshua Harris’ Dug Down Deep, which I got through the (very limited selection at) Blogging for Books.
  • On a personal note we are in the middle of moving. The big day is next Saturday and with three little ones moving can be, well, interesting. We are excited about the move and the fact that we were able to sell our last house so quickly.

I’m glad they moved the Bruins game up to 1pm so that I can watch that before Camping’s 6pm deadline. Hope you all have a great weekend!


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