Living Ministry

Stephanie has an uncle named Dwayne. Dwayne is a missionary, but not a very typical one. He flies airplanes, not in the jungle, but in northern Alaska and Russia. He is a really interesting guy to talk to.

A friend of his just released Open the Sky, a book about Dwayne’s life and ministry. I have really enjoyed learning more about Stephanie’s Uncle Dwayne through this book. One thing that I have found really great about his example is that he sees everything in life as an opportunity to minister. He explains that life in Alaska is difficult and mere survival takes a huge amount of time. For most missionaries this would make it difficult to find the opportunity to minister, but for Uncle Dwayne it is HOW he ministers. He explains that you should be ministering to the people around you in everything you do, even in just surviving. He talks about the opportunities he has had to minister to people while cutting down trees and splitting wood and repairing airplanes.

I think this is a great testimony to what it means to minister to others. Although I don’t live in the harsh climate of Alaska and although I don’t fly or repair airplanes I feel like his testimony really rings true in my life, and I think it rings true in so many people’s lives. It takes the role of ministry out of some special place, reserved for special people like pastors and missionaries, and puts it right back where it belongs: in everyone’s life in all that they do. What we do and how we go about it testifies to our love for God and our love for others.

What do you do? Do you consider it an opportunity to minister to others or do you save ministry for special times and special people?


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5 responses to “Living Ministry

  • Fred

    “Ministry” is essentially serving others, so it should be an everyday, anyplace thing that can take any number of different forms. I have a friend who runs a hair salon, and she ministers to people everyday while she’s doing hair, and many times outside of the salon.

  • esztertun

    Dude, you cannot say “flied.” Or maybe that was a joke that flew over my head?

    • Dan Allen

      wow. flied. i can’t believe i did that. that’s bad.



      • esztertun

        I did enjoy this post though, Dan! Been thinking alot lately about what evangelism is and what it means to be a missionary. Since my teen years I was convinced that the most effective missionaries were those in their own culture, and that if one is sent to some foreign land it should never be to impose their own culture but just teach Jesus. Then I went on the “mission field” and tested these beliefs out. Failed in many ways.

        Living out the gospel in real life, like Dwayne, is “where the rubber meets the road.”

  • Bob McLeod

    Jesus never held a “service” or a “Crusade”. He never put on an event of any kind. He just went out to where the hurting people were with a heart full of love, the power of the Holy Spirit and a message that could not be ignored. He worked in the street, in the market place, in homes and even in the Synagogue.

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