I have moved this blog to and, with the move, have shifted the focus of the content. Here, at The Ekklesia in Southern Maine, I wanted to talk about the church in my area and find people in my area and share where my family and I were at in our search for “church,” both theological and practical.

The new site has a new name Some Church Stuff (still using someekklesia) and a new simple layout. No frills, nothing pretty, just my thoughts on the church. Let me be clear here, right now I find myself feeling less than charitable with the church system and structures. I think that feeling is reflected pretty strongly in some of my latest posts. It may offend some people. If it offends you, sorry, don’t read it.

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2 responses to “Moved

  • YGFIl

    Forget the problem, it won’t change. Let’s focus on the solution. This wil cause us to call out to our God for wisdom, His ability to love and strength we do not have to persue His will or our lives. Together perhaps we can build a bridge and get over whatever it is we must. The bridge is Christ Jesus ‘ cross on which He sacrificed Himself for us donkeys. I don’t have a plan yet, but I love you GSIL. So maybe when I get back we can pray up a plan together over a beer…..:0).
    Your GFIL

    • Dan Allen


      The only reason to draw attention to the problem is to help those who are being mistreated and spiritually abused see that their abusers are not supported by Christ or the Bible.

      Miss you guys!


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