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Was Jesus a Zombie

I have not posted a lot here on The Ekklesia in Southern Maine in the last coupe weeks. That has a lot to do with being busy at work; it has more to do with putting most of my efforts into, a project that Alan Knox and myself are working on which looks at the zombie genre from a Christian Theological perspective. I don’t know how interesting that site will be to the majority of readers here, but the post I wrote today may be of more interest to you then some of the other content over there. We have been doing a series called “Zombies in Scripture.” This is a weekly series that looks at various Biblical passages that may relate to zombies. This morning’s post is one that I would say is the center of controversy between Christians and zombie enthusiasts. It looks at the question of the resurrected Jesus being a zombie. I use the standard definition of zombies (as laid out by George Romero’s films) and compare that to the record we have of Jesus’s resurrection in the New Testament. If this interests you at all, please take a second to read through that post and let me know what you think.

You can find the post here, and, to give you a taste of it, here is a brief excerpt from the post:

I feel like it would be an obvious oversight if we didn’t deal with one of the most commonly held beliefs about zombies in scripture: that the resurrected Jesus was a zombie. Jesus died on a Friday, was laid in a grave, and on Sunday morning, when some ladies went to check on him, he was gone. Later that day he visited some of his closest friends and over the next few weeks several other people saw him out and about as well. Jesus died and came back to life – that is the premise from which many assume that Jesus was a zombie. So the question is: did the resurrected Jesus’ behavior fit that of a zombie? Let’s try to consider this as neutrally as possible.

We are enjoying writing and interacting with new and old friends at Zombie Theology and hope you will check it out and share your thoughts.



Other Projects

I have been working on a lot of stuff lately so I thought I would let you know about some of my projects:

  • The big project is And The Dead Shall Rise First, my zombie novel-in-progress. It is coming along well. I shared an excerpt here and have gotten some really good feedback on it that I think will help me a lot as I work on the rest.
  • Along with And The Dead Shall Rise First I have, along with Alan Knox, launched, a new website which will share news and excerpts about both my book and Apostate: Life After Death in Exile, a book that Alan is working on. We also have a blog on there and a short story section. The goal is to expand and allow user’s to submit content by way of short stories, reviews, and other related material. The site has been really well received so far, and we have both been having a lot of fun with it.
  • Unrelated, but also something I have really enjoyed being part of, is This is a site that posts reviews and interviews of Christian musicians. They have graciously allowed me to participate there by sharing reviews on heavier music and working on some of the look and feel elements of the site (including BG, logo, and header images). I love music and webdesign so it has been really cool to get involved with this project.
  • I am continuing to share reviews of books at Reading in Southern Maine. Most reviews that I feel relate to the topics of this site I share here, the ones I don’t share are mostly horror fiction. If you are into that genre you may want to check out that blog as well. The most recent review is of Stephen King’s Cell which I posted Wednesday. I am now reading Joshua Harris’ Dug Down Deep, which I got through the (very limited selection at) Blogging for Books.
  • On a personal note we are in the middle of moving. The big day is next Saturday and with three little ones moving can be, well, interesting. We are excited about the move and the fact that we were able to sell our last house so quickly.

I’m glad they moved the Bruins game up to 1pm so that I can watch that before Camping’s 6pm deadline. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Physician, Heal Thyself – an excerpt from And The Dead Shall Rise First

In case you are interested in And the Dead Shall Rise First, the zombie novel I am working on, today, in the spirit of Friday the 13th, at I have posted “Physician, Heal Thyself,” a working excerpt from the book. This excerpt, as well as the rest of the book, is far from polished, and I would love to get some feedback on it.

And the Dead Shall Rise First is a novel about the church’s response to a virus that has turned the majority of humanity into zombies.

It is the year 2020 and civilization died one year ago. A virus and horror like never before imagined has gripped our world. EPV (Evolved Photoplasm Virus) is infecting and killing the majority of humanity. It isn’t stopping there. The dead are reanimating and have one single drive: consume all life. Is this the End, Armageddon, the Apocalypse, those things foretold in prophecy throughout Scripture and history? Will the church be able to overcome her division to help bring relief and hope to the world in the midst of all this devastation, or will she simply wither and die in a fractured irrelevant self-induced coma? What hope can she bring to the few remaining survivors of the pandemic? What relief can she bring to so many people who find themselves widowed, orphaned, tired, starving, sick, homeless, and utterly hopeless? And, ultimately, where is God in the midst of all this mess? These are the questions that the Final Council must ask, and the answers are not only crucial to the survival of the faith, but to the survival of humanity.

Also make sure you get back to next Saturday, May 21st. There will be another surprise in honor of Harold Camping’s “Judgement Day” prediction.


I’m going to try and write a fiction novel. Check out the post Theological Horror Fiction at my other blog, HollowAgain. I won’t probably post much about the book on here, since it isn’t completely relevant to the topics this blog discusses, but I will let you know as I make progress in it, and it has some ties to theology, especially eschatology, so it may be interesting to some of you.


Dead and Domestic Poetry

My wife, Stephanie, who blogs at Dead and Domestic, has written and published a few poems over the last week that deal with some struggles that are very real to her, and I believe are very real to many other people. If you have a chance to check them out I’m sure she would appreciate it. They are very honest and, in my unprofessional opinion, extremely well written. I have posted the links below with an excerpt from each.

Hello, Bottle.

Hello, bottle.
You know why I’ve come.
My ball and chain
And My freedom.

Good morning, misery

They tell me that i’m worthless
I have nothing left to give
They ask me why i try so hard
to sleep, to breath, to live?


I see the saddness in your eyes
your confusion grows and grows
but you understand the hurt i feel
is more than anybody knows

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