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Ministry to the Poor: a very helpful resource

Keith Giles at subversive1 lives in Orange County California where he ministers to folks in need. He has written a very practical series of articles, based on his experience, on how to reach out to these folks. He aptly titles this series How to Start a Ministry to the Poor in Your Community.

If you’re anything like me the easiest excuse to avoiding ministering to those in need is that I don’t know how, I don’t know where to begin, I don’t know how to approach it and another million ways of saying I don’t know what I’m doing. Well if you would like to hold on to that excuse then don’t read Keith’s posts. If you honestly want to serve the poor, and have struggled to know how to approach it then please DO read these posts. They will really help you get the ball rolling.

Keith has given permission for anyone to use this information, print it out, share it with your church, or whatever. Check out this resource and share it with others. We have no excuses not to care for those in need around us.


Two New Subversive Books

Subversive Interviews

Judge a book by it's cover? This one looks good!

I just read a post on Keith Giles blog, subversive1, that he will have two new books available within the next couple of months. If you haven’t gotten the chance to read his book, The Gospel: For Here or To Go? I would highly recommend it.

His next book to come out is titled Subversive Interviews and contains, well, interviews. He interviews some prominent figures in today’s Christian community like Dallas Willard, Neil Cole, Matt Redman, Frank Viola and lots of other people. I would assume by the statement “it will be available in the next week or so on my blog” that it will be available for free download like his other books, but I would also encourage you to support him by buying hard copies of his books.

And he also mentioned that he has another book, This is My Body, being published within the next couple of months.

I’m looking forward to these books and would certainly encourage you to check out all of Keith’s stuff at his blog subversive1.

Bible Stories For the Kids

Read and Learn BibleWe have a one, two and three year old at home. We have started to try and do Bible stories with the older two. Something I would never have even thought of before having kids that is now a very present reality is the fact that Bible stories are hard to translate into something understandable and appropriate for two and three year olds. We have done the Noah story quite a few times but I leave out the part about all the people dying. We did the David and Goliath story but left out the part where David cuts Goliath’s head off. So I wasn’t sure where to go from there. We’ve done the Birth of Jesus, the Creation, and a couple others but it’s been hard to try to figure out which stories are appropriate and how to translate them into something the kids understand.

Well we found a very helpful tool and both we and the kids are very excited about it. We got The American Bible Society’s Read and Learn Bible, it is great. It uses the CEV and tells all the major Bible stories with lots of great pictures and a parent’s section in the back to help apply some of the stories to your kids’ lives. I looked through it and I felt like it did a great job with the death and resurrection of Christ, which was one of the things I was particularly interested to see their treatment on. We’ve really enjoyed watching the girls start to learn and ask questions about God, hearing them answer questions about Bible stories and praying along with us. We are really excited about this book, which will make a lot more of the stories accessible to the kids and hopefully continue to foster their desire to learn about God.

ipoet laureate: a very unique blog

I really like this hip hop group who go by the name Deep Space 5. All those guys have been making really great stuff both collectively and individually. Two of my favorite MCs are Greg Owens and Dan Smith who are both part of DS5. I have also been incredibly impressed by dustbrandfilms by DS5’s DJ Dust.

Well I just found a blog by, sintaxtheterrific, another member of DS5. It is called ipoet laureate and the cool, unique, really pretty awesome thing about this blog is that it is composed of hip hop songs. The posts are raps! From his about page, in explanation of what he is doing he says:

Current  events and social justice have always been an important element of my own music.  The delay between writing a song and officially publishing it to the world, however, can rapidly date cultural and political commentary in an artist’s lyrics. Unlike a blog which can speak immediately to an event, the process of music production and distribution necessarily comes at the expense of timeliness. I saw ipoetry as an opportunity to create running commentary set to music. A news report in a song.  Or a blog set to song.

So I would certainly encourage you to check it out just for the simple novelty of it, but especially if you are a fan of hip hop and pretty solid lyricism. He covers current event topics like:

Just as an FYI the actual songs are at the end of the posts which sometimes consist of lyrics and sometimes consist of an explanation of the song.

I am very impressed with yet another very cool contribution to the creative world by a member of DS5. Thanks for making great stuff guys!

Top 10 of 2010: The List

I hope you got a chance to read through some of the great stuff on the blogs I’ve linked to in my Top 10 of 2010 series. Here is a handy list for a quick reference. I have also added the list to my navigation bar under Resources. Happy reading in 2011!

  1. The Assembling of the Church
  2. The Voice of One Calling Out in Suburbia
  3. subversive1
  4. Called Out in Kansas
  5. On the Journey
  6. My Church Journey
  7. From The Pew
  8. The Normal Christian
  9. Stuff Christians Like
  10. The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus

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