Please feel free to connect with me if you are interested in organic church life, especially if you live in Southern Maine. This blog is all about making connections with other believers so it would be very encouraging to hear from you!

or simply leave a comment on this page!


3 responses to “Contact

  • Ann Leverett

    I just stumbled across your blogsite and was thrilled. I was in southern Maine about 2 weeks ago and was so down about the state of the church there. Disciples of Christ (I think it was) was all I saw and a few catholic churches. I was visiting a friend who lives there and while she was living here (in the Bible Belt) went to church regularly with us. I would like to put here in touch with you which I’m sure your okay with but just wanted to let you know that God directed me to this site so that I could pass it on to her. She always says there are no “churches” there but she is also looking for some thing different than the traditional church which she has become disillusioned with.

  • Dan Allen


    I’m so glad you found this site! God has really been doing amazing things connecting people in our area! I would love for you to pass the blog and my email address along to your friend!

    Thanks for the comment!


  • Jon

    I was excited to find this website and applaud your efforts to build spiritual community in southern Maine!

    My family and I live in Bath and we are very interested in organic church life, having experienced something akin to it several years ago. We would like to see an organic christian community in our area one day as well.

    I look forward to hearing back from you and may God bless your efforts!

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